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What were the biggest problems you faced when you started learning web development?

I would like to know how was your learning experience as a beginner.

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@fryskungenMay 16.2023 — I have over a couple of years re-educated myself from being a cool dude in a freezer-warehouse to becoming a full-stack system developer.

I started off with udemy courses on web-development during evenings after work. I tried many different languages and basically did the "ground course" in html/css/javascript/Go/python with not much focus on either one. I enjoyed it but didnt do much with it.
What I found the hardest was the confidence to actually build something real. When I decided I wanted more than a hobby - to take "programming" to a professional level the hardest thing was motivating taking time away from family (wife and 2 young kids at the time) without being sure I actually was learning valuable things (try googling "what is the best program language to learn).
I ended up jumping on a focused "school" course to give myself the confidence and a proven roadmap, to know I was learning things that mattered to someone that might want to hire me eventually.
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@SempervivumMay 18.2023 — I started my career as a programmer, Assembler, C(++), Pascal, TCL/TK, AWK. When moving to web development learning Javascript and PHP was fairly easy as the basics are the same ( variables, control structures etc.).
However I struggled with the markup languages HTML and CSS as there where so many restrictions: None of the features mentioned above were available. And additionally there were only two tools for layouting: Tables and float. However in the course of time flex and grid got available which made layouting easy and I acclimatized to the limitations of HTML and CSS. Now we are friends too.
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@themolitorMay 22.2023(updated) — Great topic @OscarGarri! Did you mean for this to be posted as a bounty? Unless you need an urgent response for this topic, it's probably best to start conversations like this in the Community section. Happy to move this conversation over there for you if you like. 👍
@OscarGarriauthorHello! I did not know this was not the place for this kind of questions. Could you please move this conversation into the other section? Thanks!May 23.2023
@themolitorUpdated 👍May 24.2023
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@mirandiJun 09.2023 — Debugging and problem-solving: When building websites or web applications, developers often encounter bugs and issues that need to be resolved. Debugging and problem-solving skills are essential in web development, but they can be challenging to develop, especially for beginners.
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@taazaaincJul 03.2023 — As a web developer, when I started learning web development, I encountered several challenges that are common among beginners in this field. Some of the biggest problems I faced include:

Overwhelming amount of information: Web development encompasses a wide range of technologies, languages, frameworks, and tools. It was challenging to navigate through the vast amount of information available and determine where to start and what to focus on.

Steep learning curve: Learning multiple languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various frameworks and libraries required significant effort and time. Each language and framework had its own syntax, concepts, and best practices that I needed to understand and apply effectively.

Keeping up with the evolving landscape: The web development industry is dynamic, with new technologies and trends emerging frequently. It was a challenge to stay updated with the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices while simultaneously building a foundation of knowledge.

Debugging and problem-solving: Identifying and resolving issues in code was often a frustrating process. Debugging and troubleshooting required a systematic approach, and it took time to develop the skills to pinpoint and fix errors.

Lack of real-world application: Learning web development concepts in theory was one thing, but applying them to practical projects and understanding their real-world implications was a challenge. Finding opportunities to work on real projects and gaining hands-on experience was crucial to solidify my understanding.

Finding quality learning resources: With the abundance of online tutorials, courses, and resources, it was difficult to identify trustworthy and high-quality learning materials. It took time and research to find reliable resources that suited my learning style and provided comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Time management and patience: Learning web development is a continuous process that requires dedication, time management, and patience. Balancing learning with other commitments and staying motivated throughout the learning journey was challenging at times.

Overcoming these challenges required persistence, practice, and a structured learning approach. Breaking down the learning process into manageable steps, seeking guidance from experienced developers or online communities, and working on real-world projects helped me to enhance my skills and overcome these initial hurdles. Web development is an ever-evolving field, and continuous learning and adaptation are essential to grow as a developer.


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