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My Website’s Footer is not Behaving Correctly

My Website’s footer is not editing correctly as I want to edit important links Row wise, kindly guide me

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@cootheadMay 16.2024 — Hi there MinakshiMirza,

if you want any kind of guidance then please supply
a link to your problematic site.

Also please provide precise information with regard
to the links required arrangement.

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@TheIntellifyMay 17.2024(updated) — If your website's footer is not behaving correctly, consider these potential issues and solutions: 1. **CSS Conflicts**: Check for any conflicting CSS styles that might be overriding your footer's properties. Ensure the footer's CSS is properly defined and not being overridden by other styles. 2. **HTML Structure**: Verify that the footer's HTML structure is correct and follows the semantic layout of your website. Ensure it's within the correct parent elements. 3. **Positioning**: If the footer is not staying at the bottom, check the positioning rules. Use position: fixed; bottom: 0; for a sticky footer or ensure the main content has enough height for a static footer. 4. **Responsive Design**: Test your footer on different devices and screen sizes. Use media queries to adjust the footer’s style for various viewports. 5. **JavaScript Issues**: Ensure there are no JavaScript errors affecting the footer’s functionality. Debug any scripts that manipulate the footer. 6. **Browser Compatibility**: Check the footer on different browsers to ensure compatibility. Use vendor prefixes if necessary. 7. **Flexbox/Grid**: Utilize CSS Flexbox or Grid to structure your layout, making it easier to align the footer correctly. 8. **Content Overflow**: Ensure that content within the footer doesn’t overflow or cause layout issues. Use overflow: hidden; if needed. 9. **Z-Index**: If the footer is overlapping or being overlapped, adjust the z-index to ensure proper layering. 10. **External Libraries**: Check if external CSS frameworks or libraries (like Bootstrap) are affecting your footer and customize accordingly. By systematically addressing these areas, you should be able to resolve most footer issues.
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@Firstprince72May 23.2024 — Are you on a purchase plan?
@MinakshiMirzaauthornopeJun 11.2024
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@meenarathaJun 07.2024 — text align left i will suggest this code try this display:flex; justify-content-flex-start; aligin-items:center; flex-gap:10px;
@MinakshiMirzaauthorthankyou very muchJun 11.2024


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