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hi, i was just wondering if anybody could tell me how i create a table on the left hand side of the page so i can put links into it for other pages

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@phpnoviceMar 02.2005 — Use a DIV with [b]style="float:left;"[/b] as a container for your links.
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@SteBrownauthorMar 02.2005 — ok thanks, im just creating a manual for a friend of mine, i cant remember all the tags and stuff for HTML, its been like 2 years since i last made a html page
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@phpnoviceMar 03.2005 — Well, anything else you need to know -- just ask. I'll probably have to take a lot of flack from the maggots around here for posting this, but... Here's my favorite on-line reference tool for HTML tags, attributes, and styles (just because it is so well organized).



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