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ok..im pretty new to dreamweaver but im not a complete idiot….ok here is the deal…iv been editing my website with dreamweaver….everything is loaded right….if i exit out of dreamweaver and go back into it what i edited is still there..as i left it..NOW….when i go to my site… [url]www.southtexprospects.com[/url] what i edited doesnt show up….BUT if i go to [url]http://southtexprospects.com/[/url] everything that iv edited is there..and works properly.only thing is, thats not the address taht it should show up on..it should be showing up in the “www”..do you know what i may have done to change this or any suggestions to fixing this..thanks

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@soccer362001Feb 01.2005 — [color=red][font=times new roman]Both look the same to me. The page was probably stored in the cache, so to get around it you have to resend the page via shift refresh. [/font] [/color]
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@hsuballer42authorFeb 01.2005 — awesome..thanks alot soccer....its crazy ..this is my first time to build a site...and as much as you think you might have messed up something big..it turns out to be little simple things that keep your page from looking the way you want it...thaks again


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