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Help with double linking :/


[URL=http://edit2.ed.edu.jonkoping.se/gupe/main/index.htm]The Site[/URL]

At this page you can see three iframes with different sources (left.htm middle.htm right.htm). As it is now a link in the left iframe (navigation) changes the middle iframe source. Is there any way to make a link in the left iframe to change both the middle and right iframe source ??

Hope someone are willing to help me and i would be very grateful ?

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@Mr_JDec 22.2004 — Please try the following

<a href="page1.htm" target="middle" onclick="parent.right.location='page2.htm'">Link</a>
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@PettorauthorDec 22.2004 — Wow !!!

Thanks A LOT !!! ?
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@EwokDec 22.2004 — The Framset


<frameset cols="75%,*" frameborder="1">

<frame src="leftFrame.htm">

<frameset rows="50%,*
" frameborder="1">

<frame name="upper" src="upperFrame.htm">

<frame name="lower" src="lowerFrame.htm">




Page leftFrame.htm



<script type="text/javascript">

function changeFrames(){



}// end Funct





<input type="button" onClick="changeFrames()" value="Change Both Frames" style="font-family:verdana; font-size:16px; color:#000000; background-color:#e1ffff; font-weight:bold;">



<a href="#" onClick="changeFrames()">Change Both Frames</a>




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