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I need help with when the mouse is over a link, a short description or whatever appears at the bottom of the browser, and when the mouse is taken off, it returns to normal with the site name at the bottom, I used to know how to do this but I haven’t done any designing in over a year so I’m bit rusty, especially when it comes to the onmouseover, onmouseout links and forms.

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@AdamGundryAug 18.2004 — Do you mean changing the status bar? [url=http://www.mightycoach.com/articles/htmltricks/changestatusbar.html]This page[/url] explains how to change it, but don't put any important information there - people could either have the status bar disabled, or (like me) prevent scripts from changing it.

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@kcamburnauthorAug 18.2004 — thanks, just what I need. doing this for someone that knows next to nothing about html so I'm like Yoda to him.
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@kcireAug 19.2004 — Hello,

Maybe you forgot about this one also:

<a href="http://www.linkage.nl" target="_blank" title="Click to visit Linkage">www.linkage.nl</a>

I like it a lot, it will show a little 'tooltip' like

line of text when your mouse is over a link or

even a image. A <img> tag also will handle the 'title' addition...Like presented here:


Hope to have been helpfull !



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