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How to create your own Blockchain from scratch?

According to you what is the best process to create your blockchain from scratch? and what things people should know before launching their blockchain?

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@NogDogMay 24.2022 — First thing to do is ask yourself why you want to do this. Do you have a particular problem to solve where using blockchains look like the best solution? Are you just following a trend and trying to provide a service in an already saturated market?

If you still want to do it, then ask yourself if there is a compelling reason for you to build it from scratch (and the risks that entails if you screw it up) versus using existing, proven tools?
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@JIBONSARKERSep 22.2022 — great
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@var1285Feb 14.2023 — Create a block.

Add the data (header and body) to the block.

Hash the block.

Chain the blocks together.
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@ChicMicIndiaFeb 15.2023 — We are currently working on the development of blockchain services. Call us at +91-9501423775 if you are interested in having us develop a project for you using blockchain technology.


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