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Canvas Background Z-Index Problem

I just have one problem left and I couldn’t solve it. I added a canvas to my website, but I’m having a z-index problem. When I use the pointer-events:none code, I cannot select the posts. A website solved the problem I mentioned. But I didn’t know how to do it.

My Example Url :

Working Url :

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@SempervivumMar 09.2022 — Your demo doesn't have any elements that can be operated but I suspect, the original site has and it should react on both, mouse movement across the canvas and operation other elements, right?
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@mrtsrdsauthorMar 09.2022 — @Sempervivum Update my example. Yes you got it right. Mouse effect should work when hovering over text. I tried to do it using z-index but it didn't work. When I try pointer-events:none, I cannot select the articles. They solved this problem on the site I gave an example, but I couldn't find how to do it. I would be very happy if you could help me with this.
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@SempervivumMar 09.2022 — I tried `pointer-events: none;` too but this didn't work for me, the canvas doesn't react on movements when the mouse is over the text containers. Currently I'm a bit helpless.
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@SempervivumMar 09.2022 — Seems to me that I found a solution: Omit `pointer-events: none;` and forward the event "mousemove" by use of dispatchEvent:


This helped me make this work by cloning the event:

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@mrtsrdsauthorMar 10.2022 — @Sempervivum Thank you. Save my life. I've been trying to solve this for 2 days.


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