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php on windows xp


i need help.

i want to install php on my computer so i can test my php scripts without having upload them on server.

so i need help how to install php on windows os. with php i need ability to use mysql databasses.

i kow that i need php program, apache and mysql. can someone post links to versions of this programs that i need and write what i need to do when i download them.

i tried but it didn’t work.

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@dzimanauthorJun 16.2004 — [i]Originally posted by soccer362001 [/i]

[B]Check this out http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_install.asp [/B][/QUOTE]

i have downloaded xampp and install it but it doesn't work. i can test scripts.

do i have do some modifications like oprts or somthing other?
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@BonnerJun 16.2004 — Simple answer:

ditch XP
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@smileyJun 16.2004 — Hi [B]dziman[/B],

easyphp.org is simple to install.

I use XP & Linex.

Why? Because 95% of my clients use XP machines.




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