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may you help me ???

hi all my friend,
this is the first thread for me here in this forum

I’m a student in a high school, my teacher assigned to me to develop a javascript that compares through scanning devices to the existing microsoft access database. The script should also recognize the devices type based on MAC addresses.

I’m still beginner. I face hard problem to develop like this script
so may i ask you to help me to develop this script to pass
this course.?
my friend

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@AdamGundryApr 14.2004 — We can't do your assignments for you - particularly when they must be done as external Javascript files, not in web pages.

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@al_3aselauthorApr 14.2004 — Adam

the problem is I can't develop without help.

It is impossible that my teacher helps the student

I'm really lookiing for your cooperation with me

thank you Adam


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