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How to make a dynamic full screen background image?

Hey guys,

Quick question in real fast, How to I make a full screen background that resizes as the browser window resizes. I’ll be using HTML5 to make this page.



Thanks for all the help!


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@cbVisionDec 06.2013 — It looks like it's already doing it. You're using a stretch plugin it seems.
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@cbVisionDec 06.2013 — Sorry, just realized that's just an example. Try this plugin:

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@johnyct9760authorDec 07.2013 — Hey cb thank you for the help,

The plot thickens, my client has asked me to do a site that loads a random background image each time on load, I'm thinking that I'm going to get that taken care of before I move on to the full screen part, let me know your thoughts on that plan of action.

Any way I'm having a bit of a hard time so far here is my development site, as you can see there are no background images showing up at this point, let alone random:


Now let me share the source materal that I'm using to get to this point so far, I I'm using tread from StackOverFlow to help me with the JS and so on:


Like I said none of my background images are showing up and I'm a bit stumped at present on whats not working for me. Any additional assistance would be VERY appreciated!

One love,

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@cbVisionDec 09.2013 — Your first link doesn't seem to be working. As for displaying a background image randomly, it's very simple using some JavaScript or even a server side language such as PHP.


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