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How I change this script?


That code extracts image links. Don´t forget to copy and paste that code for your clipboard.?

Any suggestion to change it to extract “.html” links instead image links will be welcome!?




function extractlinks(){
if (document.all||document.getElementById){
if (document.all) {var imgs=document.all.tags(“img”)}
if (document.getElementById){var imgs=document.getElementsByTagName(“img”)}

var total=imgs.length
var win2=window.open(“”,””,”menubar,scrollbars,status”)

var txtlink1
var imgTxtLink

win2.document.write(“<h2> Total Images = “+total+”</h2><br>”)
var imgcnt=0
for (i=0;i<total;i++){

//imgTxtLink = imgs[i].innerHTML
imgTxtLink = imgs[i].src

win2.document.write(‘<fieldset>Image (‘+ i + ‘)= …txtLink1==>’ + txtLink1 + ‘ </fieldset> ‘)
win2.document.write(‘<fieldset>Image (‘+ i + ‘)= …imgTxtLink==>’ + imgTxtLink + ‘ </fieldset> ‘)
win2.document.write(‘<fieldset>Image (‘+ i + ‘)= …IMG==>’ + imgs[i] + ‘ </fieldset><br> ‘)




<BUTTON onclick=”extractlinks()”; >List Page Links</BUTTON> </BODY></HTML>



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