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url if condition


I wonder how i can run a piece of php code only if my url is [url]http://mypage.com/[/url] if it is [url]http://mypage.com/2[/url] it should not run and so on.

hope someone can help.

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@Declan1991Aug 17.2010 — http://mypage.com/2 is completely different to http://mypage.com. The former refers to a specific file, the latter refers to index.something most likely. You can [url=http://www.invision-graphics.com/HTML_Guide-16.html]change the default file[/url] too.
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@tirnaAug 18.2010 — myPage.com/2 is referring to a specific folder on your website at myPage.com

Therefore, all you would need to do is add the page specific code to the default web page file in myPage.com/2


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