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good yet sensible registrar/hosting?

My current registrar is Doteasy, a site I knew nothing about; I just Googled for domain registration and that was the first thing I clicked. When I got my domain, two years ago it was only 8 dollars for a year, and I knew nothing of registering and hosting. Within those two years, I have seen Doteasy’s prices and sales jump around like crazy: 30 dollars to renew, renew now for only 4 dollars, free renewal with new registration. I have discovered that I probably should have shopped around first. I am under the free hosting at Doteasy. It has bare minimum in terms of space and bandwith (no PHP). I have parked at some free hosts, but they have ads. I’m looking for good solid registrar with free-to-decent hosting prices (maybe like 50-100 dollars for a span-of-months of hosting that I wouldn’t have constantly worry about expiring). I don’t need like Youtube-size hosting, but I’m looking for up to date PHP, a few databases, cheap and stable domain registrations, yadda yadda yadda. This is just an after-thought, but not required, but I exhibit my artwork on my site (illustrations). I’ve always wanted a site, that say I could put “filth” on without worrying about getting kicked. What is best?

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@ixoraSep 13.2009 — I like lunarpages but what kind of "filth" are you planning to unleash on the world?
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@aj_nscSep 13.2009 — ICDsoft.com - the price sells it, but once you get a load of their technical support, you'll wonder how any other hosts can compete with it (....they can't). Don't let this recommendation pass you buy, just pay them a visit....nothing to lose by typing in the url.


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