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Height specific – need help!


I need help with my website. I just created: themakeupdolls.com and you will noitce everypage is a different height.

I don’t know what type of html to write to have them all the same height like the page of [url]http://themakeupdolls.com/dollcollection.html[/url]

Can anyone assist me please!!!!!

Many thanks.

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@eCatJun 26.2009 — The doll collection page is "all the same height" because it's only one page with an image slideshow. The images change, not the page itself.

If you want all of the pages in your site to be the same height, since you're using tables, you can set the height in the table tag:

[CODE]<table width="727" [COLOR="Red"]height="###'[/COLOR] align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">[/CODE]

However, this will mean that those pages without very much content will have a lot of white space between the content and the nav menu you have fixed at the bottom of the design.



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