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[RESOLVED] IE not running code to stop audio.

I’ve got an audio file that plays when you first hit a webpage. I need that audio to stop if a link is clicked. I’ve got that working in FireFox by replacing the file that’s playing with a file that doesn’t have any sound, but IE doesn’t seem to recognize the code. Can anyone translate it into an IE compatible version?

<script language=”JavaScript”>
function HideSound(){

<input type=button value=”Stop Sound” onclick=”HideSound()”>

<embed id=”BSound” height=”96″ src=”SoundFile.mp3″ hidden=”true” autostart=”true” width=”128″></embed>

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@ZeroKilledMar 02.2009 — honestly, replacing the file with a file that have no sound is useless because it require network activity which may slow loading content. i would prefer to remove the element when user hit the button.
</i>var bsound = document.getElementById('BSound');

if you planing to provide a button to play the sound after removing, you might want to append the removed element. however, i'm not sure if that will actually play the sound. has not tried the code but almost sure should work.
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@justinbarneskinMar 03.2009 — document.getElementById('BSound').stop()
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@nbcrockettauthorMar 03.2009 — I tried the stop command, but it didn't work. ZeroKilled's code works fine for what I'm needing. Thanks guys!


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