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How to sign/encrypt message with client side certificate ?

Hi All,

Does anyone knows how to sign or encrypt a message using javascript?

I need a basic page for placing an order but require that the post message is ‘signed’. (ditial signature)

There is a client side certificate installed on the user browser.

Any help will be extermely appreciated!



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@rnd_meNov 06.2008 — a normal HTML form is encrypted when HTTPS is used, nothing to do with javascript.
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@jerrys123authorNov 06.2008 — I found a way to do this using capicom active x control.

Does anyone have a better way? using a script ?
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@felgallNov 06.2008 — activex only works in Internet Explorer so that isn't going to work for the almost 50% of people who use other browsers.


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