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Link to RSS Category

Is there a way to have a link on a webpage that links to an RSS feed category? I only want that category to show if they click on that link.

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@opifexSep 19.2008 — if you are pulling a feed that has fixed categories it´s easy. parse the feed and return only the "category" matches. there are lots of feed readers available. pick one that is easy for you to work with and modify it to meet your needs. lots of open source choices in php, perl, ruby and c. choose you flavor and look at sites like sourceforge or other developer sites to find what you need.
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@nbcrockettauthorSep 19.2008 — Thanks, but that's not what I'm asking for. I want a way to have links on my website that link to my RSS Feed. That's easy enough except for the fact that these links when clicked need to only show a specific category and not the whole feed. I won't have control over which web browser my customers are using. My feed is just an xml file. Any ideas?
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@opifexSep 19.2008 — it's the same thing. parse your local xml and only return the categories that you want to link to.
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@nbcrockettauthorSep 19.2008 — Sorry if I sound like a beginner, but how do you parse just the xml file? I don't have a display page, just the xml file.
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@opifexSep 19.2008 — check out the information here....


the references are all really good and should get you started in xml and rss.

you should also go through a couple of tutorials, so you can get used to working with the formats before you try to use them.


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