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Only scroll content???

I want the scrollbar to remain on the far right of the browser. But when scrolled i only want the content (which is in one single content div) to move…

Is this even possible…

Please help

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@TJ111Aug 06.2007 — <i>
</i>#contentDiv {
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@padiqauthorAug 06.2007 — Thanx...

But that makes it everything else scroll while the content stays still..

I want the content to scroll while everything else stays still...

The background is easy to keep fixed so i've done that...now its just the header and nav...and if i add the property u mentioned to them then they get all weird and change sizes...
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@padiqauthorAug 06.2007 — dont worry about the last post...

New problem: When i enter the value for "left" and "top".... the "top" is fine because it remains consistent. But when u resize the window the 'left' position will stay the same....i hope this makes sense...

[B][U]basically what i am asking is: how do i make it so instead of the "left" vallue being relative to the left edge of the browser can i make it relative to the left edge of its containing div????[/U][/B]
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@padiqauthorAug 06.2007 — Have a look::: and u'll see what i mean CLICK HERE
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@TJ111Aug 07.2007 — The best bet is to probably use % to define where you want it on the page, or put it in a "wrapper" div that bumps it out to the spot you want it. No matter what you do, it will probably be in a slightly different spot on all the different browsers.


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