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Hi everyone I was referred here from the HTML thread here at webdeveloper.com

I was asked to post a link to the site I am working on
( [url]www.gmrcvt.ulmb.com[/url] ) and ask if any CSS experts had any suggestions for the design or functionality of this site. I have to readjust some pages tomorrow but wanted to get the ball rolling on the CDD end of things. Thanks all, ahead of time.

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@drhowarddrfineMay 21.2007 — Start by bringing your html into the 21st century. A lot of your code was deprecated in 1999. New pages should always use a strict doctype, too. Is this a new page or are you updating it?
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@WebJoelMay 22.2007 — Got alot of 'warnings' ("error-lites")... won't go into them really but (refer to Screenshot image) :

notice the link "duplexes"? It is 'outside' of any meaningful list-item:


should be:



re:..."[I]wanted to get the ball rolling on the CDD end of things[/I]." CSS?

[upl-file uuid=bbbc4f4c-a7e3-4b61-b5ae-a9df08e43203 size=2kB]ScreenHunter_2.gif[/upl-file]
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@PerceptionistauthorMay 23.2007 — Outdated in 1999!


I have been in the dark ages. That would explain why most of my code doesn't work like it used to. I took 10 years off and just hopped back into the game, guess I should have picked up a refresher book and I would have made the observation myself rather than waste a bunch of everyone's time....


I think I have finished the jist of my site ( http://gmrcvt.ulmb.com ).

I noticed that my PC at home which runs AVANT browser show the page different than IE or NETSCAPE, even FIREFOX looks a bit "off".

Since I am thinking that it might be corrected by a HTML tag I thought I would throw out the question for anyone who has time to answer;

Can my page look unified acroos the browser board with a tag or is it a more indepth answer?

I was able to get all pages functioning but need to revamp my ToP.

[I]So as I had said on this forum before;

I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on my dilema. I scrapped the form and began again as recommended. I want to also say that the level of support and community here FAR EXCEEDS most other forums and PC support websites I have gone to. I have bookmarked this page and just want to again Thank everyone for their time and contribution to my issues and this community alike[/I]


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