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[RESOLVED] removeAttribute IE problem…

Can anyone shed some light for me on this.

This bit of code works find in everything but IE from what i have tested.

for(var i = 0; i < durations.length; ++i){
radio[i] = document.getElementById(this.options.durations[‘short’][i]);

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@A1ien51Feb 05.2007 — you are probably going to have to change



radio[i].disabled = false;

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@sbriouxauthorFeb 05.2007 — Yeah i was looking in the wrong spot. Just found some articles on IE not supporting the hasAttribute in DOM...

Thank you very much for your help.... what you stated appears to be working. I suppose had i have done a proper check to see if the function was avail then i would have avoided this right from the start... lesson learned


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