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Need Help With Select Statement

I’ve got a select statement that I know is wrong, but don’t know how to fix it. What I want to do is show the first record in the table for each different value in the UID field. Here’s a sample table with the ones I don’t want to show in bold. The current incorrect select statement is below the sample table. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

[U]UID ———- LoginID[/U]
1000 ———- 1
1005 ———- 2
1010 ———- 3
1015 ———- 4
1100 ———- 5
[B]1000[/B] ——— 6
1120 ———- 7
[B]1015[/B] ——— 8


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@russellMay 31.2006 — SELECT uid, min(LogInId) as LogInId

FROM TableName


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@nbcrockettauthorJun 02.2006 — Thanks for the response, but unfortunitely it didn't work. It might be because I'm using the select statement in asp code to pull a recordset from an access database. Any other ideas?
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@russellJun 02.2006 — what happened when you did it?
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@nbcrockettauthorJun 02.2006 — Nothing, the asp page timed out. It should have returned the results within a few seconds if it had made a connection with the table it was pulling the data from. Everytime I've gotten this type of problem in the past the error was one of two things. It was either the select statement wasn't compatible or it was trying to display to many records. In this case I tested the code to see where it started having problems and found that the issue was the select statement. Hope that answers your question.
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@russellJun 02.2006 — did you change "tableName" here

SELECT uid, min(LogInId) as LogInId

FROM [b]TableName[/b]



to your real table name?
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@nbcrockettauthorJun 02.2006 — Yes, I made sure all aspects of the select statement coincided with my database. ?
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@russellJun 02.2006 — what db are u using? is the table properly indexed? how many records total in the table? is it set to be case sensitive? let's see the code...


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