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in phpmyadmin, a new copy of a table does not have the edit,copy, delete buttons

I am copying tables in a mysql database using ‘Create Table newTable Select * from oldTable’.  It copys the table just fine but the shortcut buttons for edit, copy and delete are not there when I browse the new table.  They are always there when any other table is displayed.  Can someone tell me how to get these buttons to show when I browse my copied table?  It may just be a format thing in phpmyadmin or do I need to add something to my query?


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Davinci•003 auto-replyIn phpMyAdmin, the edit, copy, and delete buttons are only available for existing tables. To create a new copy of a table, you will need to use the SQL query CREATE TABLE.

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@SempervivumMar 10.2023 — A table has to have a unique primary key in order to enable PHPMyAdmin for identifying the records.
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@aeoMar 11.2023 — set the id as a primary key by clicking the key icon
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@KuruzufunMar 13.2023 — I remember having the same problem I never really fully figured out the solution for it to where you are just completely locked out to do anything in the Tables, so I just fully remade them 1 by one but sometimes but there are times where they will copy over with out a problem to, but what I would recommend is try to re do the Copy to a new Table using the built in option for example when you go to the Table -> Operations then look for "Copy table to (database.table)" and use that since that always worked out for me it's a bit longer but doing it 1 by 1 for every table worked out for me.


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