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How can I add a custom attribute to a model on load in Laravel?

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@MichaelDelgadoAug 11.2022 — If I understood your question correctly, what you need here is an accessor: Link to documentation

Have in mind that this is different in Laravel 9 and previous versions, for example, In Laravel 8 it is different: Link to documentation
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@hungerAug 31.2022 — using the load() method on a model is meant for loading relationships on the given model, if you'd like to load an attribute/accessor such as the custom one i have below

class Foo extends Model

function getCustomAttribute() {
return $this->column * 5;

you can use loadAccessors() which allows you to pass in an array of accessors/ custom attributes and will be added into the model that is returned - since custom attributes are called without the prefix of "get" and suffix of "attribute" you only need to enter the middle part of the function thanks to laravel magic


you may also be able to use setAppends() which works the same way

although the advantage of using loadAccessors() is that it can work through relationships, now the relationship "foo" will be loaded on the model "bar" as well as the custom attribute on the "foo" model


if you would always like to see the custom attribute loaded on the model, you can instead add the following to your model

class Foo extends Model

protected $appends = ['custom'];


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