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Building a data driven SAAS web application with integrated CMS

I have a friend who would like a SAAS web application built similar to I have experience in Angular which I was going to use to build it.

My friend has no programming experience, however the data will need to be updated fairly regularly, and it would be great if the friend had the ability to update things such as paid subscription tiers/costs and post blogs/create new pages for the site with minimal help on my side once the bulk of the web development is complete, so I was hoping to integrate it with an existing CMS system.

I also have experience in Shopify, so was trying to figure out if there was a headless option I could build using the Shopify API, but was also considering WordPress, but I could be looking way too commercial or in the completely wrong space.

Any recommendations on CRM and back end would be amazing, I am happy to go down the route of learning new technologies, basically whatever is quickest and easiest to build for the least hassle in the long run.

Thank you!

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November 2nd, 2022Back-endFront-end

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@manusbuckDec 15, 2022 — If you would like to emulate, check out this website know what they are using BuiltWith

It will tell you that they use a combination of NextJS and Postman.

Apart from these tools, you could explore Jekyll. It's static website generator using markdown files. You could embed payment processing tools inside them and your friend could edit the text content anytime. He might have to learn some Git actions which will trigger CI/CD with Heroku/Netlify/Vercel.

Let me know if you would like to learn more about them.
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@maxxhethJan 21, 2023 — You might consider using something like Strapi, which gives you the ability to create a custom CMS using a low-code, no-frills approach, and it's very easy to integrate with Angular or any other JS framework you prefer to use.

You might consider using Strapi and complementing that with Shopify via the Shopify API. Good luck!


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