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Get the first element of a key-value array in PHP?

How can I get the first element of an array with key-value pairs in it in PHP? If I have $people = [3 => “John”, 5 => “Jane”, 11 => “Steven”]; how can I get John out of People without knowing the key (3)?

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How can I use a URL as a query string value with JavaScript?

Let’s say I have a URL that takes some parameters for a GET request, one of which is a url: let urlWithQuery = “” And I would like to add another url as the value of the target parameter: let targetUrl = “”, how can I achieve this without breaking the resulting url?

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How to get all the permutations of a list in Python?

For example, if the input is [1,2], then it returns [1,2] and [2,1].

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How do I gather numbers and not a string of a number from the user in Python?

When I have the below code: age = input("Insert your age: ") age ends up being a string and not an int. How do I take an int as an input?

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What are the advantages of a strongly-typed language?

Explain details here… Need help? Check out this article

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